Below you can find all confirmed cosplay guests and vendors for the MaloogaCon 2017 event. Thanks so much for your support and we will see you at the show!


Florida Con-Artists 

1701st Fleet Squadron 

501st Legion 

CCG Entertainment 

Sweet Tooth Maid Cafe


CAT-5 Ghostbusters

Cosplay Tampa Bay


Fiona Nova

Chris Twellman

Danielle DeniCola

Once Upon a Khaleesi 

Red Enchantress

Little Songbird Cosplay

Adelyn Dawn 

Violet Cosplay

Gooby Cosplay

Murderdoll Ivy 

Sexy Mario

Romey Best Capture 

Clever Girl Cosplays

Rage Cosplay 

Amy Nicole Cosplay

Gothic Sushi 

Billy Floyd Music

Charles Watson