Vendor Rules & Regulations

Below is a comprehensive list of questions and answers that we feel our participating vendors, exhibitors and guests will find useful. There will be updates made periodically so make sure to check back often!

What time is set-up / breakdown?

Set up for vendors is scheduled tentatively for 2PM-8PM on Friday, March 31st. We will also have the hall available Saturday morning from 8AM-10AM for any final touches that need to be made.

Where do I go for set-up?

Follow signage at the center for loading and unloading to reach the freight doors at the back of the West Hall.

What does my booth include?

Your booth will include a skirted table (8ft.), chairs (2), back-drop (8ft.), signage (white, plain text), stanchions (3ft.) and vendor passes (2) for the weekend.

What do I need to bring to the show?

You are allowed to supply additional tables, chairs, signage and display space to your booth at your discretion, so long as it does not run into other booths or the main walkways.

How do I attain electricity for my booth?

20amps of electricity is available to anybody for an additional charge of $150 (see additional options during checkout). Electricity that is needed and not ordered prior to the show will cost $250. This is due to a rate hike we incur for last minute changes to our set-up within the hall.

Will there be security in the hall?

Absolutely. Sentry will be providing security at the event, and we will have security posted in the hall overnight. Sentry is a well known security agency and has worked dozens of events at the Tampa Convention Center.

How much product should I bring to sell?

This is entirely left to your discretion. We will have a large variety of vendors within the specified demographics we are targeting (gaming, cosplay, art). Because of this, we suggest focusing on a few items that you specialize in, as to not overwhelm potential buyers at the show.

How do I get the most value out of my booth?

We know this biggest hurdle attending events is cost/effectiveness. While this may be our first time hosting, we have been exhibitors at several events and can offer a few tips to help maximize potential your potential at the show:

  • Utilize both vendor passes! We understand you may be able to run your booth solo, but believe us you will want to take a break. Bring a trusted friend or co-worker to relieve the workload, then ditch them and check out our flight simulator!
  • Engage the consumers. Beyond being polite and friendly when they come to your booth, walk the hall and drive people to your spot! With only two days to make an impression, the "wait and see" game is always the wrong approach.
  • Network with EVERYBODY. In creative industries your networking capabilities or lack there-of can make or break your career. There's nothing special to it, just take the time to meet everybody. Ask engaging questions and find out if there is potential for collaboration, or just get new ideas for your own direction. Good networking skills can make all the difference at these shows.
  • Above all, enjoy yourself! Conventions are a way to work and play all at once, but its easy to get frustrated when people aren't stopping by your booth. Being angry about it wont solve anything, so instead take a break and check out the event! There will be tons to do and see, find your value anywhere you can, and keep a positive attitude. It will work wonders.